OYB 7-Way Bike Bag: saddlebag shoulderbag pannier handlebar

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OYB 7-Way Bike Bag: saddlebag shoulderbag pannier handlebar

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Quick Overview

The world's only 7-Way Bag is ready for action! ...Count the ways! 1 Shoulderbag, 2 Saddlebag, 3 Handlebarbag, 4 Pannier, 5 Backpack, 6 Frontpack and 7 Waistbag!

Approx 4"x7"x10" (4.6L volume) with a 2"x4"x6" outer pocket (.7L). It is great for carrying all manner of daily-use goodies. It's small, but handy. (Holds 2 wine bottles! The outer pocket can hold a complete bike spares/tool kit, minipump, wallet and keys.)

To allow use as a bicycle handlebar, saddle bag or pannier each bag comes with 3 small leather buckle-straps. It only takes a minute to set up. (Instruction sheet included.) Each bag comes with a removable waist-strap---handy when using as a shoulderbag while riding or when XC skiing. The waist-strap is also used in backpack/frontpack mode.

A great thing about this bag is its fasteners. It's a slot'n'stud system. Faster than buckles yet still secure.

I create these bags out of "character"-condition military shoulder bags---by modifying the d-rings, adding straps and attaching the OYB logo patch and re-purposing each rare bag to create a one-of-a-kind bag!

Product Description

(OUT OF STOCK right now. I only have a few ratty specimens left. I'll look for fresh base bag inventory to upcycle.) It's a great "grab'n'go" bag off the bike. Yes, a "man purse," if you will. Keeps your pockets free! Keep yours stocked like I do and you won't be stranded without handy items: water bottle, notepad, pen, paperback, flask, digicam, cell, lighter, pipe, powerbar, packet of nut-mix, pipe/cigs, mini-flashlight, aspirin/chapstick/bandaids/coughdrops, hanky, duct-tape, sunglasses.

Some Customer Reviews:

"Your packs have caught many eyes in this bike mecca and I have given many Oregon folk your website. I commute every day and do not have a car." -- H. Roberts, Eugene, OR

"I took my new 7-way bag on the taco ride last night (www.tacoride.com). Your bag got a lot of attention. I've sent your website to a couple people this morning so you might get some interest from a few IA or NE cyclists." -- D. Olson

"Having a small bag to stow keys, phone, binoculars, dog leashes, etc etc, and one that doesn't swing around and hit whatever is in front of you when you bend over to tie shoes or adjust leashes is a great benefit. -- P. Moore

The Bike Commuters blog raved: www.bikecommuters.com/2007/09/28/oyb-saddle-bag

As did The Satchel Pages: thesatchelpages.com/out-your-backdoor-man-bag-in-purse-action-plus-a-swedish-three-way

Options Galore!

Condition... I'm down to a couple dozen remaining bags. They're more worn than the previous hundreds I've sold. But they all have a few more years left in them. They all have more scuffs, stains, maybe some pen markings, maybe even a small hole or some cracks in the leather. (I haven't found a new source.)

Brown or Green Leather? The brown bags I have left are about 50% grade. The green ones are 70%. Your choice.

Leather or Embroidered OYB Logo Patch? The logo patch is leather by default. It will darken to match the rest of the leather after a few weeks in the sun. It also functions as a blinky-strap -- just clip your light onto it. But if you want a colorful embroidered patch (as shown in some of the pics), you can request it with a note

"Tight to the Saddle" Stick Mount: We sew button-holes at the back of the bag then I include a whittled/sawn hardwood dowel (6.5" x 5/8") with end-notches so you can do a Carradice-style installation on a saddle with bag-loops (or on a regular saddle, just let me know what you have). (See pics below.) When used without the stick, the Bag uses what I call a "jiffy mount" -- it's easy/on off but it droops and sways some, and can rattle (without tape padding). The stick mount holds a bag high, tight, and trim. It lets a bag open easy and wide. The default setup is for Brooks-type saddles with loops. If you have standard rails instead, LET ME KNOW! To install the stick, you thread each strap thru a button-hole, thru a saddle loop/rail and back inside the bag where you buckle it around an end of the stick.

*Stick-Mount For Small Bikes or Canti/Centerpulls: If you have a frame UNDER 54cm, let me know in a note! Also, if you have centerpull or cantilever brakes and you think the bag will rub the cable, let me know, too. It's often not an issue, depending on your particular set-up or if you have a large frame. Just look at the pics.

*Stick-Mount for Rail Saddles: If your saddle only has rails -- doesn't have loops -- isn't a Brooks-type -- LET ME KNOW! We'll sew the buttonholes closer together and cut the stick notches closer. Rails are closer-set than bag-loops.

Top Straps Option: For an extra $15 I'll rivet straps to the top of the flap to boost the stash capacity of your bag. (See pics below.)

$5 Extra Options: I offer 2 extra $5 add-on options: *Blinky strap mount (see pic below); *Monogramming -- I can stamp up to 11 "western style" capital initials for you: one each on the two leather main flaps and up to 3 initials in each of the 3 small straps (I put them near the buckle, reading toward it, so you can see the initials when the straps are installed).