A Dirt Road Epic, book by VVA, new, mt-Bike culture

A Dirt Road Epic, book by VVA, new, mt-Bike culture

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A Dirt Road Epic, book by VVA, new, mt-Bike culture

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What's So Special About This Bike Book?
If you're a Bike buff, you know how rare enduring Bike literature is. Well, here's a classic chunk of pure Bike-ride story-telling for your inspiration. It's been handed around in the underground for years now, written by VVA, a Bike cult guru hero. Offroad riding holds more literary story material than you might think. And our author has gotten as close to it as you can. This isn't about extreme adrenaline 'dudes' and 'shredding.' It's real writing, art and one-of-a-kind insights into the backroad, dirtroad experience.

At 65+ years young, VVA is a founding father of mt-biking, as well as the modern era of road racing in America, as well as RAAM. A rare dual Hall-of-Famer, he inspired many with his unsponsored, half-starved European, Olympic and early-RAAM racing victories and exploits. He was the first American to win in Europe in the modern era--inspiring Lemond, among others. He won the first USCF National Championships in 1961. He's still the youngest racer to win a World Cup event (19). He set the first modern trans-US nonstop record, which inspired RAAM. He hosted legendary offroad events. He designed coins, jewelry, apparel and artwork. His notorious newsletter from Southern California was the first home of this amazing prose-poem. He's a one-of-a-kind champ, all right.

The original DRRTE is showcased along with many new episodes as well as an amazing section of bio media reprinted from VVA's heyday.

Here's a link to a few episode excerpts... http://www.outyourbackdoor.com/OYB8/Bikes/trekepic.htm

Fully illustrated, with artful glimpses of his other projects, including coin art, t-shirts, posters, and stamps.