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Home > Catalog > Literature > Fat on the Vine -- "Mama says this book is filth!"

Fat on the Vine -- "Mama says this book is filth!"
May 01, 2010

$5 (inc. S/H)

[$5, postpaid in the US. HUGE SALE!] 292 pages.

Here's a $5 ZINEBOOK! Zines are are ZINEBOOKS! Check it out! Pulp is back! The new pulp is here!

FAT is a truly far-out novel. Transgressive in every way. Yet, yet, yet it's sweet and redeemed somehow. How? Hard to imagine but it works!

Other novels today are tame and fakey by comparison.

So here goes, some description from the back cover blurb...

What would you do if your name was "lil big sexy" and you were a 28-year-old virgin and the first girl you ever slept with informed you the next day that she was a "Nixon-lesbian"? What would you do if you lived in your parents' basement and your genteel, Christian mother followed you around all day singing spirituals and telling you that you were "demon-possessed"? "Fat on the Vine" appeals to readers who fancy themselves as underdogs. It's about drugs, self-hatred and obsession. It's written without social filter or shame. The novel is as beautiful as it is disturbing.

Author Crazy Carl Robinson is a captivating trickster at readings. He's going on an almost-nationwide reading tour in July with ULAer Wred Fright and his "Emus." Rockin'!

NEWSFLASH! NOW AN EBOOK! Click below to order yourself a PDF download of this book for $10 via PayPal. Cool! NOW $3.95! This special price is a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Kerouac's ON THE ROAD which first came out at $3.95...

Review:"In between howling with delight at his antics, obsessions, crimes, and loves, the reader sees things that aren't discussed in "polite" circles. If literature wants to regain relevance then creations that are real need to be in front. Few push the envelope further than Crazy Carl Robinson. It's time we let a few unruly weeds into the garden. Throw caution to the wind and get your hands dirty---this book is miles ahead of anything else. My only regret is that I've already read it (twice). I'd give almost anything to re-live (virgin-like) this masterpiece for the first time." --Victor Thorn, Babel

A Massive Review Blast! The publisher of popular Horror and Boxing websites just interviewed Carl and raved about FAT: "I've read many books this year, but not one of them was as interesting as "Fat on the Vine," by Crazy Carl Robinson. I discovered Crazy Carl in the horror movie, "Demon Summer," a low budget flick, somewhat inspired by the Evil Dead, but interesting and ambitious, bringing the best possible product to the screen under those conditions. In one of the scenes, a minivan drives by with a man hanging out the window. "Excuse me ma'am, do you have a pair of your mama's panties? Here have a pair of mine," he screamed, throwing a pair of women's panties at a group of bullies. That was Crazy Carl and that was hilarious. I spoke to the creator of "Demon Summer," Luke Campbell, and he said what I had thought. That was all Carl and when I discovered that he had written a book that was "sort of strange" according to Luke, I had to read it, and I'm glad that I did. Fat on the Vine would offend some---it is raw and there are no punches pulled---nothing held back whatsoever. Carl writes from the heart and writes honestly, but has the ability to make a depressing situation funny. I found myself laughing aloud as I read through the pages, which is something that I don't often do. Crazy Carl Robinson is a unique and talented writer that brings a perspective that I appreciate and I'm sure everyone else will as well. I hope that "Fat on the Vine" becomes a hit, as it should, because it presents something that everyone can relate to---especially the black sheep, the misfit, and the outcast. Scared Stiff had the chance to sit down with Crazy Carl Robinson and discuss his book, movie career, and his love of boxing. [...] Crazy Carl Robinson is one of the funniest people that I have ever met. His wit and humor come out on the pages of "Fat on the Vine," and I am highly recommending it. If you want something different and something that will make you laugh and probably have you scratching your head a couple of times, this is the book. It is an amazing read." It's a fun interview:

Excerpt... j. bob claimed to know all there was to know about professional wrestling and he probably did in a kind of roland barthesian, white-collared snob kinda him, the proletariat needed some kind of simplistic morality play in which to vent their frustrations.....the rationale being that the poor people know to boo wrestler bad guys but they might have trouble deciding whether or not to boo the lady behind the welfare counter cashing their checks....i so much despise every single person who ever came up to me and said: "you know that stuff is fake, don't you?" fucking shit, sherlock so tell me what happens when you go see hamlet? watch some dude act for 3 hours and then you go home and he goes into the dressing room to take off his make-up....nwhen he hits the streets he isn't hamlet anymore.....he is just some asshole walking down the street.....hollywood hulk hogan is hollywood hulk hogan wherever he goes....he is hollywood hogan in the airport, in a restaurant, and when he is sitting on the's as if i woke up one morning and decided that i didn't want to be me anymore, but that i wanted to be known as lil big sexy the giant killer.....i swear to you that the koolest, most raddest "thing" in the entire world is professional was and still is the only three hours of the week when i can completely forget about all my problems, even those which pertain to julie.....

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